Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Setting the Bar High

     One of the many perks of working in this industry is having the privilege of traveling and attending conferences in many difference cities all over the country. With that privilege comes the opportunity to gain and share invaluable knowledge and experience with others within the industry. Our CEO, Eric, recently spoke about a very important topic at a conference in Atlantic City- setting high standards for yourself.

    When it comes down to it, the standards that you set for yourself set the tone for your entire day and, ultimately, your entire life. What does it mean to hold yourself to a higher standard? While it may have a different meaning for everyone, one thing everybody can agree on is that action and purpose are absolutely necessary for a successful life and there are a few key concepts to keep in mind when setting standards for yourself. Let’s break down a few of them;

1. Appearance- Taking the time to look your best shows that you value yourself and that you respect the time of your customers, employers, colleagues, business partners, etc. If you are neglectful of your appearance it may give off the impression that you are neglectful in other aspects of your life, as well. In contrast, investing the time in yourself suggests that you will invest the same care and attention in your work.

     “If I’m not fired up about myself and what I’m doing, how the hell can I get others to want to follow my lead? What I choose to wear inside and outside of the office is a direct reflection of the standards I have for myself.”- Eric

2. Body Language- Body language is a super important factor that many people overlook. Not only does it convey your attitude and intention to the world, but it can have an effect on your own mood, too! Simply by paying more attention to your posture and making more effort to sit/stand up straight, you can improve your mood and confidence! Additionally, you will appear more confident! Aside from posture, body language plays a huge role in communication and relationships. Pay attention to how you react, physically, when others speak and when you speak. Take note of how your body language may be affecting your communications and make adjustments accordingly. You’ll be surprised at what your body may be telling people without your knowledge! 

     “Most people overlook their body language and what it makes them look like. I know for me, I naturally have an RBF. I have to think about the look on my face, otherwise I look like I need to eat a snickers. When I was a leader trying to build my team, or even now when I’m getting coaching from awesome people like the speakers here today, I go out of my way to show everyone I want the ball. I make sure to stand straight up or sit on the edge of my seat. I make sure to make eye contact with whoever is in front of the room and nod along as they make their points. I make sure to take great notes not only to learn from but to show that I respect and appreciate their time. I make sure to stand out and show everyone how fired up I am to be great!” -Eric

3. Attitude- It’s important to make a conscious effort everyday to have a great attitude. It’s not easy, but it’s doable. Have you ever come across one of those people who are always “looking on the bright side”, and thought, “How can anyone be that positive all the time?!”. Well, thanks to cognitive conditioning, it is doable. All you have to do is make a conscious effort to choose to be happy each morning, stay positive throughout the day, and bounce back when stuff hits the fan. Each day, it will become more natural and before you know it, YOU will be one of those “on the bright side” people! 

     “I used to think I could just apply a positive attitude to things whenever I feel like it, and it would make it better. Doesn’t work that way. It needs to be consistent. It is ok if you lose your attitude, it’s about how quick you can get it back and the decision to continue to have a positive attitude.” -Eric

4. Motivation- One of the most important things you must learn is how to keep yourself motivated in all areas of your life. No one else is going to do it for you. Too many people look for external motivation and that is when people become complacent. You’ve got to find that spot inside you- that spot where your drive and passion comes from and never let go of it. Harness it and never lose sight of it, because that is what will keep you going through the hardest of days and that is what will make it all worthwhile when you eventually get where you want to be. 

It’s never too late to hold yourself to a higher standard and we should always aim to better ourselves. Complacency is one of the worst places to be, and there’s nothing more satisfying than consistently hitting the goals you’ve set for yourself. So get out there and dress like the boss that you are, carry yourself with a purpose and take on the world with your amazing attitude!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Branching out; Peak Incorporated Opens a New Office in Virginia Beach!

We have some very exciting news here at Peak Incorporated! In early March of this year, we expanded and opened a new branch in beautiful Virginia Beach! We sent some of our best team members to train in New Jersey, where they sharpened their skills and also managed to make time for some fun while they were at it! 

After their training was through, it was time to head on down to their new home in Virginia Beach and settle in to their new office. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few members of the team. 

"To be successful in life, you only need two things;
ignorance and confidence."
      Meet Colleen; office manager. Colleen was with Peak Incorporated for only three short years before being promoted to management. She quickly excelled within the company by demonstrating all of the key characteristics of a great leader, team player and consistent top performer. 
      Colleen was first drawn to Peak by chance after coming across an ad, but it wasn't long before she fell in love with the high energy environment. "I finally found a place where I was surrounded by people with the same values as me: work hard, have a great attitude about life, and have fun!", says Colleen regarding her favorite aspect of Peak's office culture. 
     Her future goals include building an organization with great people and helping the elite develop their own business opportunities. She also wants to financially come through for her family by buying their home from them as a "thank you" for helping her to become the person that she is today. 
     Colleen's advice to those embarking on this career path is, "Take your life seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously. Rely on your work ethic and attitude for everything and always bet on yourself!" 

"No guts, no glory"
     Next, meet Lindy. Lindy has some very inspirational goals for her future. She wants to change the trajectory of her family history by ensuring that her nieces and nephews know that there are no boundaries for their future and giving her future family a life that she only dreamed of. She also wants to change the lives of those who are less fortunate. Lindy plans to accomplish these selfless goals through hard work, maintaining a positive attitude, and following her faith and the life that is predestined for her.
     When asked about her favorite thing about working with Peak, Lindy replies, “ Colleagues become friends who turn into family. Being surrounded by a group of motivated people every day is truly inspiring.”

"People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But people will never forget how
You made them feel."
-Maya Angelou
     Next, we'd like to introduce Mikayla. Mikayla is a former middle school teacher who loves the idea of helping others grow, build confidence in themselves and reach their full potential. 
     She was initially drawn to Peak Incorporated because she found that her ideals and inspirations were aligned with those of us here at Peak and that she could truly fulfill her potential here.     
     Mikayla is a very family oriented woman and her personal goals include raising a strong, loving family in a home that she designs herself, paying for her children’s education and having the freedom to attend all of her children’s school and sporting events. 
     Her professional goal is to build a badass business with an incredible group of individuals and give them the opportunity to achieve their own goals as well.
     When asked about her favorite aspect of working for this company, Mikayla responds, ” I love that I work with some of my best friends, that every day I am getting better, and that I have the opportunity to develop others.”

"Hunt or Be Hunted"
     Lastly, Meet Miraya, also known as Yaya. Yaya never leaves her house without a pair of sunglasses, a kick-ass playlist and a tube of lipstick. 
     One of Yaya’s life goals is to have a house in the mountains with lots of land, where she will rescue cows, pigs, dogs and cats! In addition, Yaya would say that her spirit animal is a Cavalier King Charles!
     When asked about her favorite part of working at Peak Incorporated, Yaya replies, “ My favorite thing about being a part of this team is hanging out with awesome motivated people and making lifetime memories. My advice to people about the business is if you have an opportunity to expand, do it! You'll surprise yourself of what you can conquer.” 

While we will definitely miss having these gems around in our Denver office, we couldn’t be happier for them and we wish them nothing but happiness and success in this exciting new chapter of their lives.

Stay tuned to meet more members of our team! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Competing for a Private Suite at the Avalanche Game!

Competition is heating up here at Peak-Inc once again, as we're all going head-to-head for the big prize of a private suite to an upcoming game! That's right! A few lucky winners will earn bragging rights plus the privilege of kicking back and enjoying The Avalanche vs  Winnepeg Jets game, on Sat. Feb. 6th, at the Pepsi Center from a private suite! Eric has rented out the entire suite for the best performers, so everyone 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year Lifestyle Changes for Business Professionals

The turn of the New Year presents a perfect opportunity to make some lifestyle tweaks and changes that will put you on the fast track to your career goals. New Years resolutions tend to fade out quickly once that "new year, new me" attitude loses its gusto. In contrast, small, realistic lifestyle changes tend to have a more permanent standing and will stick with you for the long haul. Here are a few examples of some small but effective changes you can put in place for a happy and successful 2016.

1. Set and write down your career goals for the year. Having clear-cut goals, a time line, and a plan for how you will accomplish them will not only keep you on track, but will provide a constant visual reminder and hold you accountable for meeting your deadlines.

2. Keep your workspace organized. Having a neat and organized physical workspace will maximize productivity and reduce chances of misplacing important items. Additionally, reducing physical clutter will cut down on mental clutter as well.

3. Be proactive. Take advantage of all opportunities available to you, such as training, professional development, meetings and out of office events. Make note of any areas that you need improvement and take any chance you can to develop in those areas, whether from on the job training or out of work research. 

4. Network. Never miss the opportunity to make contacts.

5. Expand your skills. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and then improve upon those weaknesses. Branch out and learn new skills from fellow employees. 

6. Take risks. Apply for that promotion. Ask for more responsibility. Make suggestions. Tell your boss about that idea you have.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's Time For The Reindeer Games at Peak-Inc!!

It's that time of year again! We're getting into the holiday spirit here at Peak-Incorporated, but that doesn't mean we have lost our competitive edge! We are all taking part in the Reindeer Games! Our office Santa Claus, (Eric), left some enticing incentives under the tree! 

 Here's how the game works; we are each awarded points based on our performance and at the end of the games, the one with the most points gets first pick of the prizes, and so forth. 

But don't forget! Points can be deducted, too! So everyone better stay on top of their game, or you can kiss those points good-bye! 

May the best man/woman win! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

How Successful People Tackle Mondays

Mondays...most people despise them. It’s tough to get back into gear after a weekend off, and it can be daunting to begin the week, thinking of all of the upcoming obligations. How can we turn the dreaded Monday into an exciting and fresh start to a brand new week, or even a brand new life? It’s all about adopting a positive attitude and forming healthy habits. Here are some things successful people do to kick-start their weeks and beat the Monday blues.

1.) They decide it’s going to be a good day. Sometimes all it takes is positivity and determination. Making a conscious, mindful decision to be happy and excited about the day can make all the difference.

2.) They wake up early. The worst thing you can do is drag around all morning. Get up, get dressed, eat a healthy breakfast, sneak in a workout if there’s time and get ready to kick Monday’s butt!

3.) They show up early. Getting to work ahead of time to ensure that everything is organized and ready to go for optimum productivity will help things run smoothly for the remainder of the week. 

4.) They spread the positivity. A positive attitude is contagious, and by simply greeting your coworkers you can spread that happiness and motivation all throughout the office. In turn, you will be able to feed off of the positivity of others! 

5.) They get focused. They visualize success for the upcoming week, prioritize projects and come up with a game plan. 

6.) They tackle the more challenging tasks head on. Getting the more difficult tasks over and done with early on relieves anxiety and pressure for the rest of the week. 

7.) They view Mondays as a fresh start. Instead of dreading the start of the work week, successful people get psyched about the beginning of a brand new week and all of the opportunities that come with it. 

Happy Monday!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Feeling Thankful at Peak-Inc!

We hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend filled with happiness, love, peace and gratitude. We'd like to take this time to share with you some of the things that some of our teams members are feeling thankful for. 

“I am thankful to be with this group of people who consistently search for better and are not accepting of average results.”- Jonathan Biden

“I'm thankful for everyday waking up to a beautiful state with beautiful scenery. I'm thankful for a place I get to go to everyday with positive people. I am blessed to have the opportunity to be able to move to a completely different state at 21 and have a wonderful family to support me in my decision”- Miraya Ortiz

“I'm thankful for my significant other and to be able to find this wonderful man to love me no matter what. I'm thankful for a great career, a strong motivated team, and for the opportunity to constantly grow! Also, I'm thankful for good beer!” -Colleen Buck

“I'm thankful for the amazing opportunity to grow in my work life and my personal life. Working alongside generous people that always want the best for us is priceless.”- Anna Holcomb

“I am thankful for my family, friends and coworkers who push me to be the best version of myself and give me something to work for.”- Mikayla Menard

" I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet so many incredible individuals while working at Peak. I am thankful for my right-hand woman, Lindy Mabuya, without whom I would be completely lost! Mostly, I am thankful for my brother, who gave me the opportunity to work for this great company after life threw me an unexpected curveball. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. Thank you, Eric." - Nicole Norregaard 

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work with so many truly driven professionals. It feels incredible to come to the office every day knowing that I am going to be surrounded by such amazing people with great character. I look forward to a strong close to 2015 and a prosperous 2016”.- Eric Norregaard